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When her village falls prey to a deadly curse, Yip, a young fox girl, must quickly make her way to an ancient and mysterious temple to pray to the Goddess who resides there in hopes of saving her people. Every minute she takes brings her closer to death, and closer to the extinction of the remnants of her race.

Using the power of The Blue Echo, she must overcome the trials of the 4 guardians in hopes of winning over the favor of The Goddess. 

Take up the mechanized bodies of the guardians and solve each of their puzzles to advance through this short but emotional journey, if you are quick witted and determined, you may just save your people... 

Also, this is a raw version of the game, so a quick tip: the maze level (you'll know the one) go for the green gem first. If you don't it'll be a huge pain in the neck.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorRingtale Games
Tags2D, Abstract, Atmospheric, Dark, Fantasy, Female Protagonist

Install instructions

Everything functions, just needs the file to be unzipped/extracted to be played. As is common for larger files. Use Game.exe to open the game


Hello Blue Echo.rar 427 MB

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